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Our job is to help our customers create new and additional value through logistics as their acting partners, instead of just trying to sell our service at higher price.
Our job is to provide the best fit logistics solutions and services to your specific needs in the supply chain management, instead of just accepting the service as simply required.
What makes TAKASE different is our "ADD SYSTEM". Let us show you what is "ADD SYSTEM", a blend of our 120 years old tradition and our everlasting effort for innovation.


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What is our service
☆What we can do for you.
☆Service concept.
☆Our service domain.      
Third party logistics

You consider outsourcing your logistics operation? TAKASE will propose a custom-made solution.

Domestic and global service network

Introducing our "MAGOKORO Express" domestic delivery service and global and intermodal transport service.

Storage and distribution service

Our services as your distribution centers including storage, picking, packing, pre-delivery processing of your products to your distribution requirements.

Import and export one-stop service

The integrated and overall services to support your global logistics not only to and from Japan but also in and between the strategic points in the world.

Information and back office service

Providing back office and data processing services relating to your logistics and distribution activities.

Guide to our domestic and overseas facilities and service network

Our distribution and logistics service centers strategically located all over Japan and overseas.

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