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Takase Group Corporate Credo and Motto

"MAGOKORO" or sincerity is the heart of the Takase Group Corporate Credo, which broadly means the responsibility of an enterprise to the greater society including customers, employees and shareholders.
Takase's Group Motto is "ADD SYSTEM". We shall continuously endeavors to create and add new value by developing innovative and useful logistics related systems and services by sensitively reading the changing social environment and customer's needs.

Our corporate logo "elg_adds.gif (531 バイト)" was designed form the letter "A" of  "ADD SYSTEM" and symbolizes the image of a bamboo shoot sprung up from its stout roots deeply spread in the soil, growing straightly and flexibly toward the sky.


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"OUTLINE": A short introduction of TAKASE.
"HISTORY": Summary of 140years of TAKASE'S history.
"OFFICES & BRANCHES": TAKASE's offices and area business and operation branches.
"FINANCIAL REPORT": Our latest financial condition.
"CODE OF CONDUCT" The Takase Group Corporate Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy

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